The seven wardrobe must haves for a well endowed woman

Forever in a dilemma:

As plus sized women, we have all made numerous unsuccessful expeditions to various clothing stores. We have cringed at seeing cutesy dresses too small for our size, cried to have got them made into our sizes, prayed to the almighty to help someone start a nice smart clothing line for the plus sizes and even gone to the extent of sulking when we have an important do coming up at the shortest notice and we have run out of a nice dress to wear for the occasion. Don’t we all relate to this?

Well, the reality is that there is indeed a big gap between the actual requirement for the plus sized clothing and the real availability of them in stores. Some stores may be even making them but definitely do not stock them in actual stores. Online shoppers will agree that some of the surprise nice clothes from the house of exclusive fashion are mostly never found in their brick and mortar stores. It is therefore a useful tip to search for plus sized clothes (Chesca Direct) on their online stores by using their search filters.

Here are the basic requirements of your wardrobe in case you belong to the plus sized category:

1.            A pair of dark jeans:

Denims are known for their versatility. If you are someone who is well endowed around the hips you may want to own a darker shade of blue jeans or a dark washed black jeans. The darker shade of the denim has the slenderizing capability and does not highlight any bumps or skin lumps around the hip and the thighs.

It is better that you choose a fit that sits you well around the hip and does not drop down your hips while walking or sitting or in a kneeling position. Look for the best fit in the dressing room before buying the jeans.

2.            A crisp white shirt:

You may want to add a chic and stylish white shirt. Nothing looks more professional than pairing a crisp snow white shirt with a dark pair of jeans and accessorized well with statement scarf and jewellery. Minimalist look is in. If you have double chin then you must opt for elegant and not too showy pieces of neckwear. Silk and Pashmina scarf can add a lot of oomph and drama to the plain white shirt.  

3.            A cocktail dress:

A nice black evening dress with embellished neckline and sequencing in a perfect figure flattering shape is what every woman deserves to look and that is ravishing! Going for classic cut and traditional colors is much better than buying in contemporary colors so that it does not look dated.

4.            A – line dress:

An A line dress is best for a figure that is heavier around the waist and the hips. The waist band must nicely sit across the waist and then the A line should nicely slide until up to the knees. The full bodied women must be weary of wearing a pleated dress or skirt as it can make them look too bulky around their mid section.

Another option is to go for the pencil thin skirt that has a high waist band and one that hits tightly at the knee and also sports a small cut at the back. This skirt can be paired with a silhouette hugging blouse and teemed with a nice casual blazer and a smart printed scarf to complete the look.

5.            A suit:

If you work from home then you may want to keep the suit for formal occasions when you are seeing a client in an official setting or meeting your child’s tutor at the PTA. In case you are working and you may need to suit up often then you may want to but pieces that can be paired together to be used at different occasions without having to run here and there for a complete suit.

The trouser has to be straight fir and the jacket can be a single button one. The shirt can be exchanged for various other options to be able to use it on other occasions as well. For a party or an office, you can even pair the jacket with a dressy sequined shirt and a tight skirt. You may even wear a sweater on the trouser and team them with a muffler or Pashmina scarf on colder day or at a night out.

6.            Shapewear:

Shapewear undergarments have the innate ability to suck most of the hanging fats in and give the garments a slimmer look and fit. A shapewear in the right size is an absolute essential for the wardrobe in all seasons. It’s a good idea to have more than one so that it can be worn all the days of the month. The best part about the shapewear that is available nowadays is that it addresses the exact body part that you may want to look slimmer. Trial at the store is an absolute essential before buying the shapewear as the perfect fit is desirable and nothing less or more. In case if doubt, it’s a great idea to bring your outfit along to know if the particular size of shapewear works for you.

Our team:

We take our art seriously:

Fashion designing is an art. It is the application of the designing principles to mundane looking things to make them come out in life and look aesthetic. We believe in the subtle beauty. We do not like beauty to be gaudy and on your face. We as an institute of fashion that has churned out thousands of bright and creative fashion designers believe that art and designing should be in the detailing. It need not scream design but it can quietly make a mark for itself.

The Fashion field is fluid and dynamic:

Fashion is highly prone to the dynamism in the society and the culture. No one can predict fashion clearly. It can be the attitude or the subtle desires in the person that can translate into his own distinctive taste and turn out to be what is trending in fashion. Therefore the fluidity in the field is what gives it an enchanting character.

We re-educate our students:

When students join our institute f designing we ask to unlearn all that they know about fashion and we ask them to re learn the basics again in the light and appreciation of the fact that which culture of the world are they aspiring to design for. This is an important attribute or every creative mind. The mind of a fashion designer has to dwell into the minds of the people who she or he is trying to cater to.

Fashion along with management:

We help the students to learn not only about the textile and the cuts and fits but also to learn how to improve their managerial skills in procuring or producing the raw materials for their designs and then marketing them successfully in the markets of their choice. We give them practical hands on training and that is what sets them ready to face the world as soon as they are out of the gates of their alma mater.